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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Car Accidents / What Happens If Something Falls Off Another Vehicle And Hits My Car?

What Happens If Something Falls Off Another Vehicle And Hits My Car?


Imagine you’re driving up the 101 North. A truck with an overloaded flatbed bed pulls in front of you. You are nervous about the number of items that appear to be dangerously stacked on the flatbed, so you slow down to create some distance but keep driving. Suddenly, a large item flies from the truck bed, hits the pavement and smashes into your windshield. It doesn’t go through your wind shield, and no one is hurt, but you clearly can’t drive your car in this condition.

If you’ve ever had a situation such as this happen, you’ve probably wondered what to do. Let’s explore that in further detail.

A Common Example of Vehicle Damage Caused by Falling Debris

In cases involving commercial trucks, the most common type of incident involves construction materials and rocks falling from hauling trucks. Sometimes these trucks have signs that warn other motorists to keep their distance. Trucking companies generally argue that they are not liable because you failed to adhere to their warnings. That said, if the driver or another entity was responsible for improperly securing the load, then they and/or their employer may be held liable.

Another common example occurs when smaller vehicles, such as pickup trucks, haul unsecured loads in their truck beds. Items can fall out due to changes in the wind and/or the vehicle’s motion, thereby endangering all other motorists on the road.

Who’s Responsible If Something Hits Your Car?

In most cases, the driver of the vehicle from which the debris came is liable for the damage. They were responsible for ensuring that it was safe to carry their load, whether it was a refrigerator, logs, rocks, or any other type of product or material.

Proving the offending driver’s negligence is essential to recovering compensation for damage to your car as well as any injuries you sustained as a direct result of the incident. This is often difficult, especially when you have big companies fighting against you. That’s why securing legal assistance from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible is essential to protecting your claim.

What Should I Do If Debris Hit My Car?

If your car is hit by debris that fell off another vehicle, call the police to create an accident report. If you are injured, seek medical assistance. Make sure to document your location, traffic conditions and any witnesses. If possible, also document the loading conditions of the vehicle from which the debris fell, the license plate number, and any other details of the vehicle.

Contact a Lawyer As Soon As Possible

When your car is struck by an object that fell from another vehicle, contact Zavala Law, PC for legal assistance – especially if the incident caused an injury or led to an accident that caused an injury. Our personal injury lawyer can explain your options and help you seek compensation for damages through legal action.

Learn more about how our firm can help by contacting us online now!

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