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Undergoing a painful injury is unpleasant for anyone. However, when the trauma is caused by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or disregard for human life, the situation becomes even worse.

Whether you have been wrongfully injured in a bicycle collision with a distracted driver or slipped and fell over broken tile that the landlord refused to fix, you deserve to have justice for the agony you’ve suffered.

In many circumstances, the costs of medical bills alone will be exorbitant, and this does not even include any lost salary or dismissal from your job that might come from being forced to take time off. If you are seeking a personal injury lawyer in Ventura, reach out to us right away.

You can trust Zavala Law, PC to provide devoted advocacy in seeking fair, equitable compensation following a terrible personal injury.

Contact us now at (805) 667-0398, and we would be happy to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your situation with our personal injury lawyer.

How to Establish Liability in a Personal Injury Case

One of the difficulties of personal injury claims is establishing who is liable (responsible) for an accident. In many cases, the party at fault tries to shift the blame onto the unfortunate victim. We have encountered both large companies and corporations as well as individuals who have tried to get away with this injustice. At Zavala Law, PC, we are ready to defend your cause against those who are truly accountable for your pain.

When it comes to determining liability, you can trust our firm to handle any issue. Trial lawyers Matt Zavala has represented all types of parties, from individual victims to Fortune 500 companies, including but not limited to large retail stores, grocery stores, landowners, small business owners, and landlords.

Whether your accident was on the highway, involving multiple automobiles, or you slipped and fell on wet stairs at a restaurant, we are ready to dive head first in with you.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injuries can occur at any point of time, at any location. These are just some of the following types of personal injury cases that an experienced attorney can help you with:

While we can all try our best to be wary of our surroundings, it is impossible to account for the negligence of others when they display reckless behavior or forsake their responsibility to care for others on their property. Fortunately, our skilled team is knowledgeable about providing support for all kinds of personal injuries.

Our Ventura Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

When you encounter such physical and emotional pain resulting from a traumatic injury, it might feel overwhelming to start a personal injury case. You do not have to be anxious, however, when you have our reliable lawyer at your side. This is why our team is ready to support you, no matter what traumatic circumstance you have undergone.

Zavala Law, PC brings experience and knowledge of the defense side to benefit fellow Southern Californians in times of trouble. Trust your personal injury attorney in Ventura to work for you so you can take the time to rest and recuperate and get back to your normal life.

Call our Ventura personal injury lawyers today at (805) 667-0398 or contact us online, and our approachable lawyer can answer any of your questions.


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