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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Ventura Retail Store Slip & Fall Lawyer

Ventura Retail Store Slip & Fall Lawyer

Life can be funny, but not always in a good way. One minute you’re strolling through a store, and the next thing you know, you’re flat on your back wondering what just happened. Retail store slip and fall cases are more common than you’d think. Sometimes they are painful, sometimes they are embarrassing, and sometimes they cause serious injuries, from permanently disabling to fatal. Regardless of how the accident happened or how serious it was, one thing you can expect is for the store owner and their insurer to play down the accident as not very serious, either offering a nominal amount of cash in exchange for a liability release or denying liability and blaming the victim. Get the help you need by contacting an experienced premises liability attorney who has worked on the side of the insurers and knows how to deal with them on your behalf. Reach out to Zavala Law for a free consultation with a skilled and experienced Ventura retail store slip and fall lawyer.

What Constitutes a Retail Store Slip and Fall in Ventura County?

First off, let’s clear up what we mean by a “slip and fall.” In legal lingo, this is a type of personal injury claim that arises when a person slips and falls due to a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone else’s property—in this case, a retail store. A “trip and fall” is a related type of personal injury claim, although the cause of the accident, the mechanics of the fall, and the injury that results can all be significantly different. The reason behind a retail store slip and fall or trip and fall could be anything from a wet floor to uneven tiles, poor lighting, or even debris left in an aisle. Customers in retail stores, especially big box stores like Lowe’s or mega-retailers like Walmart or Costco, are also vulnerable to serious injury from falling merchandise, as these stores typically stack tons of boxes on high shelves.

Any injury in a retail store caused by the negligence of store employees, management or the owners, including even assaults facilitated by inadequate lighting or security, falls under the umbrella of premises liability law, and a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can help you hold the store owner liable for your harm.

Why Legal Help Is Crucial: Meet Matt Zavala

If you are asking yourself, “Do I really need a lawyer for this?” the answer is yes, and we’re not just saying that because we are a personal injury law firm. If you’ve been hurt in a retail store slip and fall, you want justice and accountability from the store, and you want compensation for your injuries. The bottom line is that people who try to settle their claims without a lawyer are less likely to be successful, and when they are, the amount they recover is less than an attorney could have gotten for them. So, yes, you do need a lawyer for this, and Zavala Law is here to help.

Matt Zavala, our lead attorney, views personal injury cases through a unique lens that many other personal injury lawyers lack. That’s because he spent over a decade working as an insurance defense lawyer fighting and litigating injury claims from the other side. Matt knows how the other side thinks and the steps they take to avoid liability or minimize payouts. He also knows how they calculate a claim’s settlement value, so Matt knows when to settle and when to go to court.

Speaking of going to court, most personal injury claims settle without the need to file a lawsuit, and even when one is filed, the case usually settles before trial. But not always. Matt Zavala has a ton of trial and litigation experience, which is crucial to resolving your claim effectively. Some lawyers never go to trial; they’ll send a demand letter to the insurance company, but at the first sign of pushback they pivot to trying to convince their client to accept the insurer’s offer. Matt Zavala is willing and able to take your case as far as it needs to go. Matt’s a lawyer who is always working in your best interest.

Contact Zavala Law Today

If you’ve had a slip and fall in a retail store in Ventura County, don’t wait. Every minute counts when it comes to building a strong case. We want to get to work right away securing the evidence, making sure you get appropriate medical care, and building the case that will get you the compensation you are entitled to. Give us a shout and let’s figure out how to put you back on your feet, both literally and figuratively. Call 805-429-4292 for a free consultation to evaluate your claim and find out how we can help.