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5 Stars

Supportive and Helpful

Zavala Law was the first law firm I reached out to when I got into my car accident on my trip to Ventura. It was a difficult time dealing with auto insurance companies and shady uninsured drivers, but Matt was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. He guided me the whole time from the beginning advising me what I needed to do since the other driver was at fault...to the very end where I got my car repaired good as new. Thank you, Matt. I really appreciate all the legal help and wisdom you shared.

-Lenny C.

5 Stars

Keen Knowledge

I have co-counseled personal injury cases with Matt Zavala. Mr. Zavala is an exceptional attorney with a keen knowledge of the law and the savvy to achieve optimum results on behalf of his client. I highly recommend Matt Zavala to be your attorney.

-Scott B.

5 Stars

Professional and Timely

Matt Zavala was really very helpful to me during a dispute with my book publisher. He read through the contract and found places where my publisher was in abrogation of our contract. Matt helped me out of a bad situation in a very professional and timely way. I would recommend his services wholeheartedly.

-Jessica B.

5 Stars

Performed Wonders

I referred a client to Mr. Zavala and he performed wonders. Highly recommended attorney.

-George K.

5 Stars

Really Listened

I couldn't have asked for a better person to handle my case than Matt Zavala. He came highly recommended to me and am so happy I went with him to get me what I deserved. It was completely the other driver's fault but knew I needed help to make sure my medical bills would be covered as well. He was professional and really listened to my concerns and helped me through the process. Thanks, Matt! I will be referring you to anyone else I know.

-Po P.

5 Stars


Matt Zavala helped me after a traffic accident I was in. He was able to help me navigate the many complexities of insurance, the law, and liability that should fall on the other person or on me.
I spoke to several lawyers prior to going with Matt Zavalla. While many of the other lawyers seemed to be selling me on themselves Matt spoke to me in a more relatable and non-pushy manner. I was truly happy I chose to work with him.
I went from unsure of how to proceed to have a better understanding of all facets of my case and its implications. He was able to breakdown more complicated ideas and assist me in making more well-informed decisions than I could have hoped to have done on my own.
I recommend him to friends and family if they need a good lawyer.


5 Stars

He was fast with a follow-up email, and very sharp.

I called Mr. Zavala for advice about a business matter and even though what I was needing help with was outside of his scope, he referred me in the right direction. What was so impressive, though, was the thoughtfulness he put into my matter, even though I'm not an actual client. He actually spent the time to look over my contract and was fast with a follow-up email, and very sharp. Seems like a really great guy.

-Tracey Elise L.

5 Stars

Matt resolved my case efficiently, effectively, and to my total satisfaction.

Matt Zavala and I used to work together. When I was injured in a car accident, Matt offered to help me pursue my claim. The thought of turning over my claim to a typical personal injury attorney made me uncomfortable. But turning over my claim to Matt, whose knowledge of the law and professionalism I could trust, was a no-brainer.
Matt was diligent in keeping me informed of the progress he was making. There were a few unusual aspects of my claim, but Matt was able to craft creative solutions. What stood out to me most, however, was that he never pressured me into selecting any specific option out of the various options which were available, even though some of the options could result in a higher financial gain for him. Instead, he presented me with the options and explained the pros and cons of each in an unbiased way.
Matt resolved my case efficiently, effectively, and to my total satisfaction. I have already recommended Matt Zavala and Zavala Law to others and will happily do so again.

-Heather W.

5 Stars

Highly satisfied with the service.

Matt is very on top of everything. Super detailed and walked me through every step of the process. Kept me informed of any updates via phone calls/ emails right away. Highly satisfied with the service.

-Irene C.

5 Stars

The best kind of attorney.

Mr. Zavala was one of the most thoughtful, patient, helpful people I've ever worked with. I recommend you stop searching elsewhere and hire him. Friendly, reasonable, and sharp, the best kind of attorney!

-Serge B.

5 Stars

Sharp, generous, and helpful.

I found Matt on Yelp and gave him a call. At the time, he was booked with clients and unable to help with my exact situation. However, he spent ample time listening to my situation, showing empathy, and referring me to the right people to handle my case. I found him to be sharp, generous, and helpful. Thank you Matt, and keep fighting the good fight!

-Julia M.

5 Stars

Knowledgeable, Professional, Empathetic

I was referred to Matt Zavala by a close family friend after my husband was in a serious motorcycle accident. Navigating the complexities of insurance and liability while my husband was in the hospital was a nightmare before Matt stepped into the picture. He was knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic during this very trying time. He helped steer us in the right direction (pursuing through insurance vs. litigation), making sure we knew all of our options and our best course of action, even with all of my what if...?" questions. Thank you again, Matt, for your patience and guidance! If you have been in an accident and don't know where to start, Matt's your guy! Or even if you are experienced (I worked in insurance), Matt knows the nuances of this area of law like the back of his hand. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

-Miranda L.

5 Stars

Wholeheartedly Recommend

Matt Zavala is not only an exceptional attorney but a great person. On a professional level, I couldn't be more satisfied with his assistance in handling my car accident (rear-ended on the 101 freeway while at a dead stop). Equally, if not, more importantly, I was blown away by Matt's care for my well-being. On a personal level, he helped guide me in the steps necessary to ensure my health and safety. It was important to him that I put my health first, take time to rest, and not worry about the logistics of my case; he assured me I was in good hands and that he would take care of things while I healed.
I am very pleased not only with the outcome of my case but the service of this law firm. A good attorney is a totally valuable and rare commodity, in the same boat as a good mechanic and doctor. I wholeheartedly recommend Zavala Law to anyone searching for a trustworthy attorney who values the best interest of his clients and will go to bat for you.

-Andrea R.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala was truly heaven sent, he allowed me to vent, feel comfortable & most of all listened.

I unfortunately was thousands of miles from home when my vehicle was totaled. I needed an Attorney to help me through the process of out of state hassle, hotel extension, run around from insurance companies and of course rental car extensions. Matt Zavala was truly heaven sent, he allowed me to vent, feel comfortable and most of all listened. I was not seeking a get rich quick scheme or major settlement. I simply wanted reimbursement and pain relief. Matt not only exceed my expectations but went above and beyond. I normally only use Yelp for restaurant and manicure reviews but it was perfect to find Matt while away from home. I pray you never need his services for any tragedies of life, but if you do please call. Professional, reliable, trustworthy and excellent customer service in a world that is truly lacking customer service. Again Thanks Matt

-Tori H.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala indeed does go above & beyond the required client involvement!

Matt is fantastic. Always keeping me updated on the progress of my case and negotiating an outstanding settlement on my behalf. He indeed does go above and beyond the required client involvement, and I cannot recommend him enough!Thank you Matt!

-Chuck R.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala is an excellent attorney!

I had a great experience with Matt Zavala. He was very responsive with any questions I had about my case. Highly recommended!


5 Stars

Extremely thorough!

Mr. Matt Zavala picked up my case from my previous lawyer. Mr. Zavala exceeded my expectations in regards to covering all angles of my case. He is an advocate fighter for justice, was not afraid to take my case to trial. I am thankful for his team and services but utmost as a human being, sincere and honest, leaving no rock unturned. Again a big thank you for everything!


5 Stars

Matt really took care of all my needs!

Matt really took care of all my needs, was extremely professional, responsive and I highly recommend using him.

-Pete L.

5 Stars

Very professional!

Matt was very professional and I recommend him to anyone seeking legal services.

-Jayme R.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala is the best attorney I've ever had!

Matt Zavala is the best attorney I've ever had. He manages expectations, returns all calls promptly and kept me apprised of progress throughout my case. While I was recovering from my accident, Matt called often to just check in and see how I was feeling. He included me in every single decision along the way. I can't recommend him strong enough!

-Erin S.

5 Stars

I had a great experience with Matt Zavala!

I had a great experience with Matt Zavala. He was very responsive with any questions I had about my case. Highly recommended!

-Nick F.

5 Stars

Best lawyer ever!

Matt Zavala is the best attorney I've ever had. He manages expectations, returns all calls promptly and kept me apprised of progress throughout my case. While I was recovering from my accident, Matt called often to just check in and see how I was feeling. He included me in decision made. Strongly recommended awesome!

-Anneke P.

5 Stars

The BEST attorney out there!

If you are reading this it's because A- you are about to leave Mr. Zavala a great review like myself or B- you are looking for the BEST attorney out there! Either way you are in the right place! Matt goes above and beyond for his clients! No hassle, no telling you just what you want to hear to get you locked in, no surprises, and no phone tag. Can you believe it? An Attorney who makes time for you, rather than just you making time for them! Just a straight shooter NO BS kind of guy. Hardest working attorney out there, who ACTUALLY Cares enough to call you, email you text you, discuss EVERY option with you. Matt took charge, handled everything for me, answered my questions. my concerns, and guided me past the finish line. Even once everything was done he still calls to check in to see how everything is going. I have been in a few car accidents, and the attorney hassle was almost worse than the accident. NOT with MATT!! Not just a fluke he was so great with my case, I have referred him to a few people and they all have the same experience! You've already been through a wreck, so DONT make the mistake of hiring an attorney that puts you through hell, leaves you unsure, just save your self more aches and pains and just call Matt Zavala.. you're welcome in advance ;).

-Summer G.

5 Stars

You can feel Matt Zavala's empathy even over the phone!

I had called a few local attorneys before Zavala Law. I found them rushing me through my situation and their staff to be rude. I was exhausted by the end of day and made one last call to Zavala Law. Answering his own phone was Matthew Zavala. Who at the end of a long day did not rush me and you could feel his empathy over the phone. I knew this was the attorney for me. I worked with Matthew for 2 years. He fought hard for me and did not settle until my needs were met. If your looking for an attorney that will fight tooth and nail for u, look no further, Matthew's your man. Thanks Matt. YOUR THE BEST!!


5 Stars

Matt Zavala is truly one of a kind!

Matt Zavala is truly one of a kind. I say this because he exemplifies patience, kindness, persistence and professionalism at an extreme level. My case took him over a year and from beginning to end with every turn and pitfall he fought harder. I just could not have been blessed with a better attorney. The most honest man and deserving of all things. I owe him my sanity...if you want a chance at keeping yours... give him a call.

-Janette M.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala is a total gem!

I just scanned the other reviews here and I have to say Yes Yes Yes - everyone is right! Matt Zavala is a total gem. He has been handling my claim from a rear ending that involved the at fault driver and three others besides myself. He has been consistently clear and helpful, handling all sorts of snags and detours involving the insurance companies, hospital, and so on. I can't imagine what a nightmare it would have been without his help. I am so appreciative and grateful. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Ventura, look no more - you found him.

-Valerie B.

5 Stars

Outstanding Experience

My experience with Mr. Zavala was outstanding! I am so pleased with having worked with him and I highly recommend him.

-Marlo H.

5 Stars

I will refer him to anyone looking for a fair and successful outcome.

I can't think of a better, family-oriented, business-minded, diligent, thorough, and detailed-oriented representation for my case than Matthew Zavala. From the start of our business relationship, Matt was attentive to my well-being as well as my family's through our whole ordeal. Matt made everything as smooth as possible during a very stressful time. I will refer him to anyone looking for a fair and successful outcome.

-Danielle D.

5 Stars

Huge Help

Matt Zavala was a HUGE help to me as I needed very immediate legal guidance on how to resolve a collection matter. His turnaround time was quick, he laid out my options plainly, and he was candid and direct in his approach, which is how I like to do business. What I also appreciated was how he explained things in layman's terms so I could understand exactly what was happening. I will go to Matt at Zavala Law first should the need ever arise again.

-Lawrence V. F.

5 Stars

I cannot thank him enough for taking care of such a tedious and painful process.

HIGHLY recommend! Matt helped me through the toughest time in my life. I got into a horrific, rollover accident on the freeway while two months pregnant! Matt worked on my case throughout my pregnancy, appointments, difficult birth, juggling life as a new mother, and working full time! I will be the first to admit that I wasn't easy - it would take me forever to respond to emails and I wasn't very helpful - BUT Matt really made the whole process SEAMLESS for me. He was working really hard behind the scenes and would involve me only if he needed to as I preferred it this way. I cannot thank him enough for taking care of such a tedious and painful process. SO glad we connected!

-Helah A.

5 Stars

Excellent litigation skills.

Thanks Matt for your excellent litigation skills and experience that was able to close my case for a hit and run/ uninsured motorist claim. He worked with my insurance and handled the deposition like champion. So happy to have had him represent me. I will definitely recommend Matt & his team my family and friends. He was professional and an excellent communicator throughout the process.

-J. Nicole R.

5 Stars

Matt Zavala is very professional and knowledgeable!

My experience with Matt was amazing! He is very professional and knowledgeable. He definitely exceeded my expectations. I can one hundred percent count on him.

-Tony L.