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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Car Accidents / Rise of Pedestrian Deaths Prompts Discussion Surrounding Rights of Ventura Pedestrians who are Injured by Negligent Drivers

Rise of Pedestrian Deaths Prompts Discussion Surrounding Rights of Ventura Pedestrians who are Injured by Negligent Drivers


Although driving is surely the most popular form of transportation in Ventura and in most California and U.S. cities, the push for more walkable cities can be felt from coast to coast. Many people are finding healthier ways to get from Point A to Point B, including bicycling, walking, and even rollerblading. However, the walking commute trend, while providing cardiovascular health benefits, and even helping to boost mental health, may have unforeseen consequences. Indeed, walking the roads, streets, and even sidewalks in America has become more dangerous for pedestrians than ever before.

The Numbers Do Not Lie when it Comes to Pedestrian Deaths in the United States

According to a U.S. News online article from June 2023, more than 7,500 pedestrians were killed in the United States in 2022 alone. The numbers reflect the deaths of people who were simply walking along or across a U.S. roadway when they were struck and killed by a motor vehicle. The numbers also reflect a horrific trend in pedestrian deaths in the United States – since 2010, pedestrian deaths in the United States have gone up a staggering 77%. Adam Snider of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) stated regarding the terrifying statistics, “[t]his is unacceptable. It’s really mind-boggling. It’s [sic] hard to wrap your head around, at least it’s hard for me to wrap my head [sic], 20 deaths every single day.” Snider went on to remark, “[a]nd when you think about how many people each single death affects: family members, neighbors, friends, mentors, pastors, how many other people we touch in our daily lives…to think of all those ripple effects, I’m sometimes at a loss for words, just with how unfortunate and awful the situation is.”

Legal Help in Ventura for the Families of Pedestrians Killed by Negligent Drivers

The staggering and telling statistics on pedestrian deaths raises questions about the legal rights and options of families who have lost a loved one to a negligent driver on the road. In Ventura, certain close family members of pedestrians who have been killed by negligent drivers may be entitled to compensation under California wrongful death laws. Compensation may include funeral expenses, loss of financial support, compensation for emotional pain, and other important categories of compensation. Of course, every case is different and unique, so to determine whether you may have a case for compensation under California wrongful death laws in Ventura, it is best to speak with an experienced Ventura car accident lawyer as soon as possible about your rights and options.

The experienced Ventura pedestrian accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC are here to help Ventura families get justice. They offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your case and to see if they can help fight for you. There is a limited time to file a claim under California wrongful death laws, so do not hesitate to contact Zavala Law, PC today. Contact Zavala Law, PC today to speak to a lawyer about your rights and options.

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