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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Personal Injury / Myth vs Fact About Ventura Truck Accident Cases

Myth vs Fact About Ventura Truck Accident Cases


One thing about the laws that enable Ventura truck accident victims to get compensation for injuries sustained due to a truck driver’s negligent driving is that there are many misconceptions about them. Most Ventura drivers (hopefully) have not been involved in a truck accident and have little experience with the California civil laws that entitle Ventura truck accident victims to bring a case in civil court for money damages for their injuries. To help Ventura truck accident survivors weed out the myths from the facts when it comes to truck accident cases under California civil laws, we set forth three important “myths vs. facts” here.

Myth vs. Fact #1: If the Truck Driver has No Money, There’s No Point in Bringing a Case

A common myth that many Ventura drivers believe is that if a truck driver is “judgment-proof” — meaning that they have no money to pay a judgment, even if one is rendered against them, there is no point in bringing a personal injury truck accident case for damages. The truth is that truck drivers are required to carry insurance just like any other driver. Further, if the truck driver who negligently caused the truck accident was driving the truck within the scope of their employment, not only the individual truck driver but also the truck driver’s employer may be liable for your damages. In order to determine whether you may have a case a truck driver that negligently caused your injuries, or their employer, it is always best to speak with an experienced Ventura truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after a truck accident occurs.

Myth vs. Fact #2: I have an Unlimited Amount of Time to File my Personal Injury Truck Accident Case

Another myth that Ventura truck accident victims may wrongly believe is that they have an unlimited amount of time to file a personal injury claim for compensation after their truck accident. Strict deadlines called the “statute of limitations” provide that if personal injury truck accident claims are not filed in court by the deadline, they are forever barred. Therefore, it is best to speak with a Ventura truck accident lawyer about the statute of limitations in your Ventura truck accident case as soon as possible.

Myth vs. Fact #3: A Ventura Truck Accident Lawyer Will Cost Too Much Up-Front

Many Ventura truck accident victims believe that they cannot afford to hire a Ventura truck accident lawyer to fight for them. The truth is that some lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if they settle or win your case, and they charge nothing up front for out-of-pocket fees or costs.

The experienced Ventura truck accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your case and see if they can help. Contact the experienced Ventura truck accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC today to speak to an experienced Ventura truck accident lawyer about your case for free.

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