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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Premises Liability / 2019 Ventura Massage Parlor Sexual Assault Demonstrates Importance of Sexual Assault/Premises Liability Claims

2019 Ventura Massage Parlor Sexual Assault Demonstrates Importance of Sexual Assault/Premises Liability Claims


Typically, when a person books a massage at their local massage parlor or at a national massage chain, they expect that when they step foot into the studio they will be met with relaxation, bliss, and a restful experience. Indeed, massages are usually a treat for us to unwind and practice self-care during the frantic chaos of busy days and weeks. The last thing that a person expects when they get a massage is to be the victim of a crime. Unfortunately, not even a massage parlor is immune to sexual predators.

A 2019 case in Ventura demonstrates just how quickly the tables can turn when indulging in a massage. According to KTLA local news, in June 2019, a woman contacted Ventura law enforcement investigators alleging that she was sexually assaulted by her massage therapist at the end of her massage appointment. The massage parlor where the woman stated the sexual assault occurred was a location run by the national massage chain, Massage Envy. After investigating the incident, investigators found corroborating evidence that led to the arrest of 29-year-old licensed massage therapist Anthony Wearing of Ventura.

According to investigators, Massage Envy cooperated with their sexual assault investigation and they found that Wearing had only been employed by the Massage Envy location for less than two weeks at the time of the sexual assault. Prior to his employment at Massage Envy, Wearing had been a licensed massage therapist for two years, which led Ventura detectives to be concerned that he may have sexually assaulted other massage clients. Wearing was ultimately arrested and charged with sexual battery.

Justice for Victims of Sexual Assaults on Business Properties

While a criminal case may hold a perpetrator of sexual assault accountable for their horrific actions under criminal laws, criminal charges are brought on behalf of the state, not on behalf of the victim of the sexual assault. For a victim to get compensation for their injuries caused by a sexual assault on a business property, a sexual assault victim must bring a civil case under California sexual assault/premises liability laws. While nothing can make up for the trauma caused by a sexual assault, sexual assault/premises liability laws allow victims of sexual assaults on business properties to seek the compensation due to them.

If you were sexually assaulted on a business property in Ventura, it is important to speak with an experienced Ventura premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. The Ventura premises liability lawyers at Zavala Law, PC offer free and confidential consultations to learn about your sexual assault case and to see if they can help fight for you. Contact Zavala Law, PC today to speak to an experienced Ventura premises liability lawyer about your case for free.



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