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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Motorcycle Accident / Summer Weather, Oblivious Drivers, Lack of Experience – Will these 3 Factors Cause a Rise in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Ventura in 2024?

Summer Weather, Oblivious Drivers, Lack of Experience – Will these 3 Factors Cause a Rise in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Ventura in 2024?


We have probably all heard at some point in time that riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. With little protection other than pads, helmets, and gloves, if a motorcycle rider is thrown from a motorcycle or collides with a larger vehicle, the results can be disastrous. The lack of the exterior protective shell and windshield is only part of the issue when it comes to the dangers of motorcycle riding. To help Ventura motorcycle riders better understand the dangers that motorcycle riding can present, we discuss three top dangers to motorcyclists here.

Sunny Day Weather – A Great Time to Ride, but Watch Out!

Although not exactly a direct cause of motorcycle accidents, when the sun is out and the weather is nice, the number of motorcycle accidents tends to increase. According to a news report out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the city saw a spike in motorcycle accidents as the weather heated up during the summer of 2023. In July, 2023, Erin Breen, the director of the UNLV Road Equity Alliance Project stated that, “It seems until the weather got hot, since the beginning of July, we’ve seen several motorcycle fatalities.” Indeed, in July 2023, Las Vegas alone saw six motorcycle-involved collisions, four of which were fatal. In sum, summer heat means more motorcycles on the road, which inevitably means an increase in motorcycle-involved accidents, some of which will be fatal.

Lack of Awareness of Other Drivers on the Road

There is no doubt that a significant safety risk to motorcyclists in Ventura is other drivers’ lack of awareness of them. Indeed, lack of driver awareness is something that Erin Breen notes is a major cause of fatal motorcycle accidents, noting, “More than half the time, it’s the driver’s fault, not the motorcyclist’s fault.” Breen adds of the 2022 Summer in Las Vegas, “So last year, I do have a complete year, and 4 to 1 [were caused by] drivers turning, changing lanes, flipping a U-turn – 4 to 1 more at fault than the motorcyclist.”

Inexperienced Motorcyclists on the Road

College of Southern Nevada Motorcycle Safety Specialist, Laurie Sanders, puts another of the top three dangers of motorcycle riding into plain numbers: “53% of accident-involved riders have no training at all.” While many of the safety hazards motorcyclists face are out of their control, training and experience can count for a lot when it comes to motorcycle safety. With regards to learning and using motorcycle-riding safety skills, Sanders adds, “If you don’t use these skills, these accident avoidance skills, sometimes you get a little lazy. I know we do in our car, and I’m sure we do on our motorcycles, and that’s perhaps part of what is causing some of our problems.” In sum, it is also important for motorcyclists to get proper training and to become experienced riders to navigate the roads and avoid accidents.

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