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Study Identifies Apps Most Commonly Used by Distracted Drivers


A new study reveals the apps that are most used by distracted drivers. According to WPBF 25 News, while many drivers across the United States are aware of the dangers of texting and driving, fewer may know that many distracted driving accidents are actually caused by use of a cell phone app. To help better understand the patterns of drivers who use their cell phones while driving, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, a company involved in information technology, surveyed 1,200 individuals from around the U.S. about their cell phone and cell phone app use.

The study’s results were quite revealing: the number one app most used by drivers while driving is Instagram. The iPhone Camera App was the second on the list, and WhatsApp came in third as the most used app when driving. Facebook took fourth place, and YouTube ranked fifth. The IT company noted that TikTok and Indeed (a popular job-hunting app) were also close contenders for the most used apps while driving.

Other Patterns of Distracted Drivers Revealed

In addition to investigating what apps are used the most by distracted drivers, Cambridge Mobile Telematics also studied when distracted drivers are prone to using their phones. The company found that cell phone interactions spike at around 8 p.m. during the week, and around midnight on the weekends. The company also found that Christmas is a peak time for distracted driving–the company found that during the winter holiday, drivers were distracted for at least 2 minutes and 27 seconds on average.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that reading or sending a text message from a cell phone while driving at 55 miles per hour is like driving the distance of one football field with your eyes closed.

Help for the Victims of Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Ventura

Unfortunately, even when most people know better, distracted driving due to cell phone use can and does happen. Certainly, when there is distracted driving, there is always a chance that a serious car accident might occur. If you were injured in a car accident in Ventura by a distracted driver or an otherwise negligent driver, it is important to learn about your rights and options to compensation under California personal injury laws. Victims of negligent car accidents in Ventura may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses. There is a limited time to file a claim under California personal injury laws, so it is best to speak with an experienced Ventura car accident lawyer as soon as possible about your case to preserve your rights to compensation.

The experienced Ventura car accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your car accident case and to see if they can help you get the compensation you are owed. Contact the experienced Ventura car accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC today and speak to a lawyer about your rights and options for free.



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