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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Car Accidents / Calling 911 after a Crash: Why Police Reports are Important in Ventura Car Accident Civil Lawsuits

Calling 911 after a Crash: Why Police Reports are Important in Ventura Car Accident Civil Lawsuits


The truth is that virtually no one likes to call 911. Calling 911 typically means that some type of emergency has happened, and that law enforcement will respond with bells and whistles, which to some may mean expensive ambulance bills.  Ventura residents call 911 for several different reasons: for help with a life-threatening emergency, to report a crime in progress, to report a serious accident, and for many other legitimate reasons typically relating to imminent danger to life or limb.

Some Ventura drivers may find it tempting to try to resolve a car accident on their own, without law enforcement. This can be a big mistake, as law enforcement’s response, and the corresponding investigation and police report can be helpful for a Ventura car accident victim if they decide to file a car accident lawsuit or claim. But why are police reports important in a Ventura car accident case? To help Ventura car accident victims better understand why a car accident police report may be helpful in their case, we answer that question here.

Ventura Car Accident Police Reports – Are They Important or Helpful?

Simply put, a police report may become an important source of evidence in a Ventura car accident case. A police report contains information that may be critical in identifying the at-fault party or their insurance company and may help prove a Ventura car accident victim’s case in court. A police report from a car accident in Ventura contains information about the car accident, including the identities of the people involved, the vehicles that were involved, and generally if there was any damage to personal property. In addition, a police report may include important statements obtained from the car accident victim, the negligent driver who caused the car accident, or eyewitnesses who were at the scene. The police report may even include a picture of the accident or a diagram, and the responding officer’s conclusions about who caused the accident, aggravating factors, and corresponding vehicle code violations.  For these reasons, it is important to call the police immediately after your car accident in Ventura.

Legal Help with Your Ventura Car Accident Case

If you were injured in a car accident in Ventura, it is important to speak with an experienced Ventura car accident lawyer as soon as possible about your rights and options to compensation under California personal injury laws. An experienced Ventura car accident lawyer can help you track down your car accident police report and other important evidence that can help support your case for compensation in court.

The experienced Ventura car accident lawyers at Zavala Law, PC offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your car accident case and to see if they can help you get the justice you deserve. Contact Zavala Law, PC today to speak to an experienced Ventura car accident lawyer about your case for free.

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