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Ventura Car Accident Lawyer / Blog / Car Accidents / 23-Year-Old California Man Dead after Log from Log Truck Pierces through Windshield

23-Year-Old California Man Dead after Log from Log Truck Pierces through Windshield


A 23-year-old California man’s death after a piece of lumber pierced through his front windshield is bringing to light the options for justice that California families have when a loved one is killed in a car or truck accident. According to local news reports, 23-year-old Manny Camacho was driving a box truck on the highway on Monday, January 15, when he was involved in what is being called a “freak accident” with a logging truck. Camacho is said to have been traveling on the highway in the box truck when he collided with a logging truck that was traveling in front of him. According to reports, when Camacho crashed into the back of the logging truck, a piece of lumbar went through Camacho’s windshield and struck him, killing him on impact.

Camacho’s stunned family members report that Camacho was a safe driver, and that the log caused “blunt force trauma” to his torso, which killed him. Marc Martinez, Camacho’s uncle, stated to reporters, “[w]e understand completely that it was a freak accident, but we think that it’s an accident that should have been avoidable considering how safe he was.” Camacho is said to have been a “good man” who was a star student and league champion player in football, wrestling, and track in high school. Camacho is said to have been a student in his first year at Azusa Pacific University and had made the dean’s list. Camacho’s mother said of the accident, “I am devastated at the loss of my firstborn son, but I hold onto the fact that he is at peace and rests in the arms of our Father.”

The driver of the lumber truck was hospitalized and is said to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the accident is still under investigation by local authorities.

Justice for the Families of those Killed in Fatal Car Accidents in Ventura

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