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Helping Ventura County Victims Injured in Bus Collisions Fight for Compensation

At Zavala Law, PC, we provide legal representation for drivers and passengers involved in bus accidents in Ventura and across the State. Bus accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and terrible long-term physical limitations. Our Ventura bus accident attorney Matt Zavala provides free consultations for these types of cases. Once hired, we immediately develop strategies to maximize a client’s recovery. Whether you’re the relative of an accident victim or you’ve been involved in a serious bus accident, we can help you navigate this nightmare with confidence. Don’t let one person’s negligent actions ruin your life and/or limit your choices. 

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The Importance of Seeking Legal Assistance Following a Bus Accident 

Bus accident victims often sustain serious injuries. The type of catastrophic injuries experienced by bus accident victims can mean many months, if not years, of medical treatment. Pursuing compensation after a bus accident can feel overwhelming if you don’t know how to get started with your claim. Bringing a lawsuit against a service provider or driver can be intimidating for most people, which is why having an experienced attorney working on your behalf and standing with you is invaluable. We help our clients face their legal challenges from the beginning to the end. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident or you were a passenger on a bus when it crashed, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. We will ensure you are well represented during every phase of the legal process and will see it through to the end with you.

Ventura County Accident Statistics

There’s only so much any driver or passenger can do to protect themselves when traveling on roadways. While bus passengers rely on the skills and precautions taken by the drivers transporting them, drivers should take measures to protect themselves from other negligent drivers whenever possible. Accident statistics provide insight into traffic norms, and highlight instances where accidents are more common and can be avoided. Driving is generally made safer when roadways are improved. Furthermore, as vehicle technology advances are made and automobiles become more autonomous, there is less room for human error. 

According to statistics compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there has been almost a 10% increase in crash fatalities involving buses and commercial trucks. Researchers couldn’t determine the cause of the increase and noted that in the previous four-year period, there had been a 30% decline. Most bus accidents recorded by the agency involved school buses, which accounted for 40% of all bus crashes. Public transit crashes accounted for a large percentage of the remaining incidents. 

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Types of Bus Accident Cases Impacting Ventura, CA

The Ventura bus accident attorneys at Zavala Law, PC are skilled and experienced legal professionals ready to handle any type of bus accident you’ve experienced, including: 

  • School Buses
  • Ventura County Transportation Commission Buses
  • Commercial Buses
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Tour Buses

We represent clients with claims against individuals, school districts, and businesses, so regardless of the owner of the bus responsible for your injury, we will investigate your claim thoroughly. 

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If you think you can handle your own bus accident claim, think again. Pursuing legal action for compensation connected to a personal injury is a big undertaking even for a lawyer. There is no doubt that the insurance companies and big businesses will try and snuff out your claim and/or downplay your losses. Let us deal with them and their tactics---we know them all too well as bus accident attorney Matt Zavala formerly represented the interests of insurance companies. After years of underpaying claims, Matt started Zavala Law, PC to help fight against the very thing he advocated on behalf of for the better part of a decade. At Zavala Law, PC, you can trust our team of highly skilled and experienced Ventura bus accident legal professionals with your case. We can meet with you immediately for a free case consultation. 

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